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Aug 24, 2021 | Blogs

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from Susan Greeley, MS, RDN,
National Director, Wellness Services

This summer has probably made everyone aware of how precious the moments are to spend time truly relaxing outdoors, gathering socially with friends and family, and simply taking in the outdoors more, wherever you happen to be. With August being National Wellness Month, I would like to focus on more specifics of eating well and practicing self care in simple yet very meaningful and doable ways.

As with each SENS Wellness Letter, I like to make sure you have access to timely and valuable resources. Specifically related to diet, stress and health, there seems to be a lot of awareness of the damaging effects of inflammation on the body, which is why I’ve included a recipe for my own favorite anti-inflammatory summer breakfast bowl, as well as a blog about eating an anti-inflammatory diet.

With the fall coming quickly and people feeling very uncertain about what is happening in the “next phase” of Covid 19, it is most important that everyone does indeed spend time on daily self care. I believe we need joy in our daily lives and also benefit from making time to learn or do something new, whether that’s trying out a new delicious recipe or learning to play an instrument , going for a hike in a new place or even discovering some adorable animal TikTok clips! The point is, when we practice self care first, we’re better at managing all aspects of our lives, individually and collectively.

To that end, I want to remind our Members that the SENS Solution Wellness Program includes health coaching and access to our wellness platform, which has a library of resources including cognitive behavioral training (CBT) programs to help you make positive lifestyle and behavior change, whether for poor sleep, stress or weight loss. See below for more details.

Finally, please check out our Affinity Partners, including Music to Your Home if you’re ready to learn to sing or take up a musical instrument!

Wishing you all a beautiful summer’s end and safe start to fall with new self-care habits!

Yours in health,


Our resources can help you Develop long-lasting healthy habits.