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Motivating America to Get Fit with Sally Edwards

Today’s guest Sally Edwards, a professional athlete and Founder and CEO of Heart Zones, is on a mission to get America fit! From a young age Sally was passionate about sports and athletics, which led her to race professionally and co-found one of the first and now the largest athletic footwear retail stores in the nation, Fleet Feet. This conversation is all about exercise and health, while Susan and Sally discuss how to fit exercise into a busy schedule, the importance of setting fitness goals, and ways to safely exercise and prevent injuries while training. Sally also shares insight on using heart zones safely and effectively for fitness. Hear how Sally took a courageous step of finishing last at Danskin Women's Triathlon Series, and how it encouraged many women to pursue their goals.

Listen as Sally hands the mic over to Susan to also share why she decided to do a triathlon and how it has influenced her.

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