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Jake Panasevich: Benefits of Yoga and Getting Men to Engage in Yoga for Health & Wellbeing

In the, an estimated 40 million people take advantage of the incredible mental and physical benefits that yoga has to offer. Of these 40 million yogis, only a quarter of them are men (source). This staggering gender disparity is improving, as more and more men feel inclined to reap the health benefits this practice has to offer, but there is still quite a bit of work to be done.

In this episode of A SENSe of Wellness, Susan Greeley, MS, RDN, sits down with Jake Panasevich, who is a yoga instructor with over 16 years of experience. Specializing in yoga for men and athletes, he’s worked with male professionals on the Philadelphia Eagles, Phillies, and the Philadelphia Union, and he teaches a popular grass-roots men’s class in Philadelphia. Jake and Susan address the massive gender gap within this wellness practice, the societal norms and constraints that cause barriers for men practicing yoga, and the profound effect of positive reinforcement on the male psyche. In addition to hearing about the role of yoga in the world of professional athletes, listen as they talk about yoga’s positive impact on treating pain and managing stress, weight loss, sleep and mental health, and much more.

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