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Maximizing Your Workout Through Music!

When it comes to exercising to your maximum potential and staying consistent with your weekly weightlifting, running, walking, yoga, or aerobics routine, it's not always easy to stay inspired. One common tool many of us use to get moving is music! In this episode of A SENSe of Wellness, host, Susan Greeley connects with Russel Greene, Founder and CEO of leading fitness music app, FIT Radio. The two speak about combining science and art to curate music intended to motivate, creating effective playlists, the correlation between fitness and music, workout decision fatigue, and more.

More about Russel Greene

Russell leverages a world of knowledge, experience, and passion from two significant areas of his life – fitness and music. After years of exploring new ways to create a more enjoyable fitness experience while discovering exciting music that ignites passion from within, he launched FIT Radio which has quickly become the go-to music fitness app and leading provider of commercial-free DJ workout mixes. Russell and his team of industry professionals, coaches, and elite trainers are proactive and passionate about providing their clients with an unparalleled workout experience, backed by 1,000s of world-class DJ mixes and specialized fitness programs.