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Bill Cortright: Moving Beyond Stress Management to Stress Mastery

A SENSe of Wellness Podcast Host, Susan Greeley, recently had the opportunity to sit down with Bill Cortright, international best-selling author of several books, including his popular and groundbreaking book, The Stress Response Diet and Lifestyle Program, which sold over 160,000 copies worldwide. Bill teaches audiences about the true widespread impact of stress and how everything is tied to Focus and Stress Mastery.

On A SENSe of Wellness Podcast, Susan and Bill dove into the importance of, not managing, but mastering stress. This can only be accomplished when we first take the time to understand ourselves at a deep and personal level. The two discuss the different brains in the body, the head, heart, and gut, and how misalignment can impact health and wellness. Bill and Susan uncover the importance of getting to the root of health and wellness issues in order to live healthy and fulfilling lives.  

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