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The Joy of Missing Out with Christina Crook

The first thing many people do when they wake up is check their phones. Browsing through your smartphone at the start of each day can make you feel stressed and overwhelmed. This episode is all about digital mindfulness, a practice that enables you to focus and concentrate by eliminating digital distractions and interruptions. In this episode we welcome Christina Crook, a writer, speaker and podcast host in the field of digital well-being. Christina shares how she took a break from the internet for 31 days and what that experience has taught her. She also addresses the impact of technology on our mental health and stress levels. Christina explains what the term JOMO (Joy of Missing Out) means and empowers listeners to take control over their digital health in order to live more mindfully. Susan and Christina discuss several ways to put digital mindfulness into practice, such as setting aside one day a week to unplug and how to clean up your digital space on a regular basis.

Learn more about Christina and the #JOMO method: