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Kicking off 2024 with a Walk and Healthy Habits Talk

On this episode of A SENSe of Wellness podcast, host, Susan Greeley and Charity Miles Founder, Gene Gurkoff, go on a walk and talk about behavior change, motivation, movement, and giving back. The two dive into New Years resolutions and making meaningful changes to improve health wellness, and to help others. They discuss the importance of community for sustaining motivation and the significance of actively giving back.

More about Gene Gurkoff

Gene Gurkoff is the founder of Charity Miles, an app that enables people to earn money for charity when they walk, run, bike or otherwise get moving. Charity Miles has won several awards, including a Webby for the Best Health & Fitness App and the SXSW People's Choice Award. Gene started Charity Miles in honor of his grandfather who has Parkinson's disease.

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Twitter and Instagram: @CharityMiles