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Using “Superfoods” as Functional Foods to Support Your Mental Health with Angela Zeng

On this episode of A SENSe of Wellness podcast, host, Susan Greeley and Karviva Beverage Founder, Angela Zeng, discuss utilizing “superfoods” in your diet to help support your mental health with a personalized approach. 

More about Angela Zeng

As the visionary founder of Karviva Beverages, Angela Zeng has revolutionized the wellness beverage industry by marrying the ancient wisdom of Traditional Chinese Medicine with cutting-edge nutritional science. With an impressive academic foundation in biochemistry, pathology, and an MBA, Angela’s deep-rooted heritage in Traditional Chinese Medicine propelled her to innovate Karviva’s celebrated line of whole plant-based prebiotic smoothies, antioxidant juices, and more. Each beverage is crafted to support digestive health, immune system strength, clean protein intake, and sustained energy levels.

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