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Whole Body, Whole Brain Performance with Justin Frandson

On this episode of A SENSe of Wellness podcast, host, Susan Greeley and Athleticism Performance Coach, Justin Frandson, talk about how our environment of  light, sound, frequency and vibration can facilitate healing and performance.

More about Justin Frandson:

Justin Frandson, is an Athleticism Performance Coach and Founder of, and He is the author of Athleticism, Whole Body + Whole Brain = Performance. 

In his over 25 years, Justin does nerve work for sports performance with amateur and professional athletes in most major sports. He successfully treats concussions quickly. Knowing that everything has a resonance, Justin uses light, sound, frequency and vibration to facilitate healing and performance. 

About a decade ago he saw his athletes breaking down from wearable technology and looked to nature to solve this man-made, electricity and EMF challenge. His EMF Rocks Grounding Bags are sold at doctor clinics across the country, The Grounding Bags are the leading natural protection for helping people co-exist with EMF's and get a deeper sleep.