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Aug 19, 2022 | Blogs

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from Susan Greeley, MS, RDN,

National Director, Wellness Services

Summer travels are still in full swing, and I hope many of you are embracing sun and fun. As I write this, I am spending hours upon hours sitting during a road trip across the country. While this adventure is one I’ll cherish, it is also making me well aware of the toll that inactivity takes on the body (and mind!).

That said, with summer vacations soon ending, it is a time to focus on restoring routines or creating new, healthier ones. I consider daily activity and exercise to be foundational to building healthy daily routines, as well as preventing and managing chronic disease and staying vital as we age. If you are someone who needs help achieving this, I want to make sure that our members are aware of the benefits of health coaching. With health coaching being a relatively new health profession that many people are not even aware of, I am happy to share a recent study that showed the positive, sustained benefits of health coaching. You can read about that here, as well as take advantage of working with a SENS Health Coach at any time and ongoing as part of your CCPHP membership.

Additionally, I want to mention that September is Healthy Aging Month, and I am excited to bring you an event on exercise and optimizing well-being. Be sure to click on the registration link below and join in to listen to Dr. Jordan Metzl as he educates and motivates!

Thank you to all of our Members. Please keep reading, and I’ll keep working to help inspire and empower all of you to feel and function at your best! 

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